Bonus Point System
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MGCC Asia Miles Partnership Registration Form


Bonus Point System

Starting from March 2015, the bonus points earned by our members will be redeemed as Asia Miles. Here are some quick facts about the new scheme.

  • Earn MGCC bonus points in exactly the same way as before ($1 = 1 bonus point) - points are accumulated by presenting your membership card when you sign your bill at the Club;
  • Redeem MGCC bonus points as Asia Miles: 25 bonus points = 1 Asia Mile;
  • Redemption is automatic and happens in "parcels" of 2,500 bonus points (i.e. 100 Asia Miles) and happens once a month.  There is no need to fill in any forms;
  • Bonus points not enough to make up 2,500 will be automatically carried forward, MGCC bonus points never expire;
  • Asia Miles will have an expiry period, please refer to (your own Ais Miles account) for more details;
  • Each membership can register one Asia Miles account into which all redeemed Asia Miles will be credited.

For more details, please visit the Asia Miles website as follows: