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General Information

Guidelines for Playing Golf


  • Guests and visitors must possess a current and valid handicap as follows: 
Men36 or under
Ladies / Juniors40 or under
  • Handicaps to play from the various tees are required as follows:
Gold Tees12 and under for men
Blue TeesAll men/18 and under for ladies and juniors
White TeesAll Handicaps
Family Tees
All Beginners
  • Guests and visitors must finish 1st Hole within 13 minutes; 
  • Guests and visitors failing to achieve the standard may be asked to leave the course by the Marshals without refund; 
  • All guests and visitors playing without a member in their group are required to hire a golf cart & caddie.

Note: Caddies may not be immediately available, but one will be made available to join the group as soon as possible. 


  • Collared sports shirts / mock turtle crew neck sports shirts (NO vests, tee shirts or dress shirts);
  • Trousers or tailored shorts (NO denim cut jeans, tight pants, track or sweat pants, beach shorts or tennis shorts);
  • Proper golf shoes.


  • All players must be at the tee box ready to play at least 10 minutes before their starting time; 
  • Green fee, golf cart and caddie receipts must be presented to the Starter before teeing off;
  • Players may lose their starting time if they cannot produce receipt as requested, and will have to wait for the next available starting time (if any); 
  • Players teeing off without the permission of the Starter or in contradiction with the Starter's instructions will be reported to the MGCC Members Advisory Committee; 
  • 1, 2 or 3-ball bookings should expect to be paired with other golfers during weekends, holidays and busy periods. 


MGCC Starter and Marshals monitor all groups' speed of play

  • Times are measured at every hole. If a group loses position on the course, they will be asked to move forward to the correct position, speed up play, or leave the course if they are unable to maintain their position; 
  • Players are expected to keep pace and position with the group in front; 
  • The maximum time allowable will vary according to the weather and course conditions;
  • The maximum four-ball time is usually set at 2 hours for the front 9, and 2 hours 10 minutes for the back 9;
  • The maximum time for 18 holes is 4 hours and 10 minutes; 
  • Players taking longer than these times, AND falling more than 10 minutes behind the group in front will be treated as a slow playing group, and dealt with accordingly through the MGCC Members Advisory Committee;
  • Slower playing groups should allow faster playing groups to play through. 


MGCC Starter and Marshals will check players' etiquette and general behavior including: 

  • Divots are replaced or filled by the player;
  • Bunkers are raked by the player; 
  • Ball marks / pitch marks are repaired correctly by the player; 
  • No golf trolleys on the greens; no running on the greens; 
  • No littering; 
  • Players offering any verbal or physical abuse of staff or failing to follow instructions may be asked to leave the course immediately, and will be reported to the MGCC Members Advisory Committee for further action. 


  • Golf carts must be driven on the cart paths only; 
  • To drive a golf cart, a person must hold a valid and current drivers license and be aged 18 years or over; 
  • Players are responsible for any damage caused to golf carts; a deposit of MOP/HK$2,000 for any damage caused is payable at Reception. 


  • No outside food or beverage is permitted on the Club premises; 
  • The maximum length of break taken after 9 holes is 5 minutes, and even then a group may only take 5 minutes if they are sufficiently ahead of the group behind, AND within the maximum time. 


  • The Club has the right to amend / cancel starting times without prior notice; 
  • Cancellation of starting times must be made 3 days prior to the first date of play, or a cancellation fee per player will be charged; 
  • Failure to show up for a starting time will also result in a No Show charge being levied on the player(s); 
  • The No Show charge in no way entitles players to have a free space in their group, and the Club reserves the right to join players up at its own discretion;
  • The golf course is only closed during Typhoon Signal No.8 or Tropical Storms, and will only accept last minute cancellations under these conditions. If the course is not officially closed, cancellation charges will be levied.


  • For safety and speed of play reasons, non-golfers are not permitted on the golf course.

Dress Code - Golf Course & Practice Areas

Golf Cart Red & Medical Flag Policy

Effective 1st October 2020 and in response to member feedback, the Red & Medical Flag policy has been revised to protect the condition of the golf course.

The Red Flag policy permits older members and those with a medical condition to drive a golf cart on the fairway subject to the following conditions.

 Criteria for Requests

  • Members aged 75 years+;
  • Members under 75 years of age producing a current medical certificate confirming the need to reduce walking by indicating ambulatory difficulties;
  • Applicants for a medical exemption must state the required duration of the medical exemption which will  remain effective for the nominated time up to a maximum period of 2 months from the date of issue; 
  • For the duration of the medical exemption, any applicant who plays on a No Flag day will immediately forfeit the privilege and the ability to apply for further exemptions
  • Requests are granted at the absolute discretion of the club management

Red Flag users MUST:

  • Follow the ‘90 Degree Rule’;  Stay on the cart path, drive across the fairway when level with the ball, and return immediately to the cart path;
  • Not drive the cart within 50 yards of any green;
  • Keep the distance the cart travels on the fairway to an absolute minimum
  • Stay on the cart path at all times on par 3 holes;
  • Follow instructions from Course Marshals;

Red & Medical Flag users are required to minimize damage/compaction to the turf by:

  • Using the shortest and safest route between the ball and cart path
  • Using the single cart when playing in a 3-ball game

Abuse / Misuse of the Red & Medical Flag policy:

  • The club will take immediate action on any incident of abuse or misuse and the matter referred to the Members’ Advisory Committee (MAC) for review.
  • Members deemed by the MAC to have abused the policy will forfeit the ability to request a Red or Medical Flag

Red & Medical Flags are only permitted when weather and ground conditions allow and at the decision of the Golf Course Superintendent / Director of Golf or their authorized deputies.

Hazardous Conditions and Warning Signals

In the event of Hazardous Conditions, whilst all golfers are on the golf course at their own risk, golfers are advised to cease playing immediately and return to the clubhouse or take shelter at the nearest protected area when the following Warning Signals are heard.

1 long blast – Golfers urged to seek shelter 

Upon hearing this warning signal, golfers are urged to seek shelter at the nearest protected area. All MGCC staff MUST return to the clubhouse, maintenance area or the nearest shelter immediately upon hearing the signal. MGCC staff includes caddies, marshals and golf maintenance staff.

2 long blasts – Course Closed

Two long blasts of the air horn signals the course is closed due to hazardous conditions within close proximity to the golf course. Golfers and all MGCC staff must return to the clubhouse immediately or remain in a safe sheltered area.

3 short blasts – Resumption of Play

Three short blasts of the air horn signals the end of the hazard warning and play may resume.

Club Policy & Procedure

When the course is closed no play is permitted until the Resumption of Play signal is sounded. If the course closure takes place during play, players may continue their game when the course is reopened. Starting Times affected by the course closure are considered cancelled and must be re booked at the Reception on a first come first served basis, starting times as booked will resume. Staff will make every effort to minimize inconvenience to those players whose starting time was affected by the course closure.

In the event of hazardous conditions in the vicinity, and the warning signal being sounded, golfers already on the course are urged to seek shelter at the nearest protected area.

Whilst the decision to play is at the discretion of the golfer, they do so at their own risk and are responsible for their own health and safety.

All MGCC staff MUST return to the clubhouse, maintenance area or the nearest shelter immediately upon hearing the signal. MGCC staff includes caddies, marshals and golf maintenance staff.

If green fee-paying golfers decide to abandon their round, rather than wait for the lightning to cease, refunds will not apply.

Typhoon Policy

Please note the Club’s Typhoon Policy:

  • When the Macau Observatory announces Typhoon Signal No. 8 will be hoisted, the Club will commence closure procedures. All outdoor facilities/services will be suspended, golfers must leave the course immediately and the Club will close within one hour.
  • When Typhoon Signal No. 8 is lowered between 6:00 am and 3:00 pm, the Club will reopen 3 hours after Typhoon Signal No. 8 is lowered with limited service only.
  • When Typhoon Signal No. 8 is lowered after 3:00 pm, the Club will remain closed for the remainder of the day.
  • Golf Course operations will resume when weather conditions have improved sufficiently to allow the maintenance team to make the course safe, playable and tidy. This will take some time depending on the damage caused.
  • When the Macau Observatory announces Typhoon Signal No.3 will be hoisted the Driving Range will be closed and the netting secured; the Driving Range will reopen as soon as possible after Typhoon Signals are lowered.

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